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At Government Financial Strategies, we value our role as professionals serving both individual public agency clients and the public good. We develop and willingly share our knowledge through in-depth research and publication of our work. We are grateful that so many respected journals and magazines welcome our contributions. Our staff has published dozens of articles, and below we've provided a representative sample, showing our commitment to professionalism over the past two decades.

To read one of our published works, simply click on one of the headlines below.

The Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initative-What is it & Does it Apply to Your District   |   The Fiscal Report

Practical Tips For Effective Continuing Disclosure Compliance   |   The Fiscal Report

A Win by LAUSD May Mean More Revenue for Your District   |   The Fiscal Report

A Cautionary Update on General Obligation Bond Property Taxes   |   The Fiscal Report

Solar Projects - Don't Get Burned   |   The Fiscal Report

The Municipal Market-Different...But Really Good   |   The Fiscal Report

Paying for Pipes: Financial Planning for Infrastructure   |   Underground Infrastructure Management

We Can See The Economic Dominoes Falling   |   The Fiscal Report

Interest Rates May Be Too Low to Refinance!   |   School Services of California
School Districts May Be Eligible for Funds from Bank of America Settlement   |   School Services Fiscal Report
Opening a new school: Surprise! It takes time and money   |   Cash Register
Energy efficiency programs — making them work means making money   |   Cash Register
Facilities projects and the General Fund: Don't they go together   |   Cash Register
Key Issues To Be Considered in Forming a Maintenance Assessment District to Fund Recreational Facilities   |   School Services Fiscal Report
If It's A Good Time to Refinance Your Home, It's Probably a Good Time for the School District to Refinance As Well   |   School Services Fiscal Report
Seismic Safety — An Issue of Historic Proportion   |   Western City
Pass-Fail   |   Golden State Report
Case Studies — Intergovernmental Cooperation   |   Public Management
Building Consensus with the Comprehensive Financial Plan   |  Public Management
Government Finance — Policy or Procedure   |   California Elected Women's Association for Education and Research News
Big Bang in Publc Finance   |   Golden State Report
Arbitrage Is Not A Four-Letter Word   |   Western City
Keeping Pace with Demand — Mello Roos Bond Financing   |  California Special Districts Association News
Industrial Development Bonds — A Public-Private Partnership   |   Economic Development Commentary
Mello-Roos Bonds — California's Answer to Financing Public Infrastructure in Developing Areas   |   Government Finance Review
Counties Beat Deadline — Get Hospital Finance   |   California County
Employment and Economic Development: Establishing the Link  |   California Association for Local Economic Development News Bulletin
Bond Financing — A Funding Alternative   |  The Fiscal Report
The Tax Man Cometh   |   Golden State Report
Mello-Roos Bonds — A Financing Alternative   |   California School Boards Association News
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