Meet The Team — Rich Malone

RICH MALONE, Chief Operating Officer

Rich Malone, a Certified Independent Professional Municipal Advisor, is responsible for the operations of Government Financial Strategies. Rich supervises all of the debt issuance and market disclosure undertaken by our clients, and has extensive experience with financial management, debt review, cash flow analysis, accounting, computer modeling, and financial research. On a national level, Rich serves the financial advisory profession through serving on the Professional Qualifications Advisory Committee of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and the Standards, Ethics and Certification Committee of the National Association of Municipal Advisors. Rich is a significant contributor to our financial dissection analyses when we review the financing practices of a public agency. He has excellent diagnostic skills in identifying the reasons for costly approaches, which is very helpful in accurately diagnosing root causes (e.g. purchasing, contracting, governance, supervision, information, etc.).

Prior to joining Government Financial Strategies, Rich spent more than 10 years managing equity fundraising transactions serving as the lead financial executive of several entrepreneurial technology companies. Career highlights include taking Health Systems Design public on the NASDAQ market as its CFO and successfully leading the sale of Enuvis, Inc. to SIRF Technology as its director of finance. Rich holds an A.B. in Economics from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.
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