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Meet the team
Welcome to Government Financial Strategies

We provide financial solutions to public agencies
Government Financial Strategies is an independent public finance consulting firm. By providing extensive consulting services with regard to each client's complete financial condition, we deliver comprehensive solutions. Since our founding in 1988, we have put together hundreds of financial plans, and helped finance billions of dollars of public projects for over 300 different California public agencies comprising every sector of government.

Experience in the areas that you need
We provide expertise to public agencies in the areas of:
      • financial planning
      • short & long-term financings
      • technical writing
      • financial modeling
      • public communication

We also specialize in
      • expert witness work
      • third party reviews

Strategic financial consulting and successful project implementation
Our emphasis on planning assures that we undertake the best project plan, while our rigorous implementation of the chosen plan assures that the project is put together efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing both timely, penetrating analysis and presenting it clearly so that our clients can make informed decisions and realize effective action.

Seamless integration with your team
It is our practice to serve as adjunct staff to our clients, respecting each agency's culture and processes and taking full responsibility for assigned tasks. We work with each agency to jointly examine its financing options in light of current financial, legal, and political conditions. We implement project plans in a manner that upholds the public trust, and delivers on-time on-budget results.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% of the time

Government Financial Strategies inc. • 1228 N Street, Suite 13 • Sacramento, CA 95814-5609 • (916) 444-5100 tel • (916) 444-5109 fax